Move beyond your grief and become the hero of your story. I can teach you how.


On average we think more than 60,000 thoughts each day… most of them by habit.

We think we’re managing our lives. But really we’re just repeating the same unconscious patterns over and over, frustrated because we’re getting the same results.

This is why Life Coaching is powerful.

As a Coach, I help my clients see what’s really going on… because they can’t see it for themselves.

I teach them practical tools so they can make lasting change.

My clients aren’t willing to settle.

They want permanent solutions, not bandaids.

They aren’t willing to be victims of circumstance.

They aren’t interested in rolling over or going along to get along.

My clients know life is short.

They set goals and they achieve them.

They use their loss to propel them forward.

They know that discomfort is the currency to their dreams.

They become thought ninjas, capable of creating any result they want.

My clients become the hero of their story.

You can do this, too.

Let’s coach.

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“Krista was amazing at conducting judgement-free sessions. She assisted in defining my number one priority and structuring my goals for each session to identify and clear mental obstacles to getting there. I highly recommend Krista for anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.”

Kristen Cass, Owner of KC Styling

“Krista is a great coach! Her positive approach put me at ease to look at my thoughts and decide what little tweaks would be more serving to my goals. She is neutral yet encouraging and super easy to talk to.”

Cassidy Randleas, Massage Therapist

Krista helped me to change the way I looked at my work schedule. Now I don’t dread work, I look forward to solving problems and helping others.

I was stuck dreading my to do list. I felt pressure about not having enough time and lacked confidence in my ability to tackle my to do list.

Krista guided me to make some small and simple changes that have had a huge impact in my daily routines. She showed me how to have more focus and enjoyment.

I highly recommend Krista. She gets to the heart of any problem with skill and generosity. I loved working with her and so will you.

Pat Beaupre-Becker

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