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You’ve been through so much. I can help.

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We haven’t met yet but I know you. I know what you’re going through… what you’re struggling with. I’ve been there and done that (unfortunately no one gave me a cute t-shirt).

Losing your husband is excruciatingly hard. I totally get it.

What makes it worse are all the thoughts spinning around in your head now that he’s gone. You’re running the house and taking care of the kids all by yourself. You’re putting on the bravest face you can muster and feeling perpetually exhausted by all of it. This was not your dream.

Deep down you want to believe there’s something more… something better. You still have a lot of life left to live.

Maybe you tried therapy and it was nice to have someone who listened. But you need tools you can use.

I know you, my friend. And I have your back. I promise you have exactly what you need to create your best life. It’s already in you. You can take everything that has happened and make it work FOR you.

Your future is unlimited. Follow me and I’ll show you the way.

Are you a widowed mom who feels stuck or overwhelmed? Do you wonder if you will ever feel true joy again?


Meet Krista

I’m a certified life and weight coach, dedicated to helping widowed moms. I lost my husband, Hugo, on August 1, 2016 after a driver, high on meth and alcohol, hit him while he was changing a tire on my car. The tools I learned from Life Coaching helped me take control of my future, lose over 25 pounds, create a career I love and find happiness again. I know at a deeply personal level how transformative Life Coaching can be, and it’s my mission to share those tools with other women.

My clients are ready to move forward, ready to make the most of the life they have left. I teach them that all problems can be solved at the level of the mind and that all beliefs are within their control. The first step is awareness, because like a fish that has no idea it’s in water, we’re so busy thinking our thoughts that we can’t see them. I show my clients what’s going on in their minds. That’s where their power exists, but they’ve never been taught how to use it.

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